Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hildesheim Updates

Let me tell you what the Hildesheim family has been up to the last three months....

First of all, Shawn has a new exciting job! He is a car salesman for Dave Smith in Kellogg Idaho. AND NO, we did not move to Kellogg. No way.

He is doing incredibly well considering he has only been out of training for three days and has already sold five cars. I'm very proud of him. He does have to work long days, and in the last three weeks he has been working there, I think he has had a total of two days off. However, I am not complaining. In this economy we are grateful that he even has a job. Working for Dave Smith is a dream job for Shawn -they have their own gym on site. If he does have a lunch break he can work out, shower and get back to selling. Plus his direct manager is a power lifter, so they have a lot in common. The managers are also pretty excited about him, and have been introducing him to the owners.

We did move though. We found a nice house in Hayden, just minutes away from my job. We are renting it out with friends. They live in the basement and keep to themselves for the most part. We love hanging out and playing video games, board games, etc. Sometime the other wife and I stay up late just having girl talk. I love it. We share the laundry room and kitchen. It is actually working out very nicely because we take turns cooking, cleaning and doing the yard work. They have two little girls. Autumn is a baby, but the other Leah, is only a year younger than Evalie. They love playing together!

Evan is becoming just like his dad. It scares me just a little. I know we have many more emergency room visits to come in his future. The kid is crazy. Yesterday, he dived off of the couch, landed on his feet, sprang forward and did a handstand then bounced back and landed on his feet again. Seriously. The kid isn't even two years old. Shawn and I decided to enroll him in gymnastics this fall. He needs an outlet to channel his energy.
Also....yesterday Evan (with a very serious look) stood up on the seat of his sister's bike, raised his arms up into a diving position, yelled out "CROCK!" and dived head first into his play tractor. He is now the proud owner of a fat bloodied lip. No stitches, this time. Crock, is his new favorite word. It's what he calls the vacuum, and just yells out randomly through out the day.
He also is addicted to cleaning. He gets so excited when you give him permission to sweep, vacuum, etc. If he sees dirty dishes, clothes or whatever, he picks it up and puts it in its place. He's just awesome.

Evalie is such a spunky little thing. She is really into learning her alphabet song, numbers and painting. She love water colors. We also recently bought her a purple Beta fish that she has named, Belle. We call Evie our little "Fish Mommy." She takes her role very seriously, too. She is constantly reminding us to feed Belle, change her water; and tells Belle to take naps too. :-)
Evalie is loving her new house, especially her new room and our amazing back yard. She and her brother spend hours every day playing out there. The grass is so nice, its fenced and partially shaded. It's the perfect retreat for my toddlers. We put a kiddie pool out there and I swear my kids are the loudest in the neighborhood when they are playing in the water. Evalie is also loving having neighbors to talk to. We have a 2nd story deck, all the house do on the block and our backyards are backed up to each other. So, when we are out there we can see everyone else on their decks. (All the guys BBQ every night). Anyway, Evie goes out there and starts calling out, "Hey neighbor, I like your...whatever it is she notices. It's hilarious. I just hope she's not annoying to them. If she is then, well it's their problem.

I'm still working for Mountain West Bank as a teller. I really like my job. There isn't really anything too exciting going on with it. Haven't been robbed yet... ;-)

The most EXCITING NEWS is that we are planning a trip to Oregon next weekend. (Grandpa Mitchell, call us) We are going to be in town Friday-Sunday morning. Just a quick trip to see all the family.
We also have new cell phone numbers:

Kayla: (208) 277-6873
Shawn: (208)277-6716

By the way, Shawn is going by "Lewis" these days. LOL. He has to because at work there are too many Shawns, and he needed to stand out from the crowd. So if you call his cell he will answer, "Lewis Hildesheim." :-) It was wierd for the first few days...

I am in the process of loading my pictures to the computer. So look for new photos this weekend! ;-)