Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Much Going On...

Girls Night Out

My sisters, like every other girl, are addicted to Twilight. My Mom has read all the books and seen the movie, but she won't admit she's addicted too. I went along with them to see the opening of the movie, at midnight. Jeez, ya think I love my sisters? I have just starting reading the first book, and of course, I love it.

We look as white as the vampires in this photo! Right after snapping this picture, (before the previews had even started) the mini-manager came over to threaten to take my camera away from me. What a Goober. She doesn't understand that I must feed my blogging addiction.

I promised Cabin updates, so here we go.

My project. I felt so HGTV-like when I fixed and re-used this chandelier from Habitat for Humanity.

My husband installed a slate entry way. A big thanks to my brother, Jake for donating the materials! (by the way, he does amazing stonework if anyone is interested). The tree came out so the new carpet could be installed. We were greatly blessed to have a friend with Copper Basin Construction. They gave us a smoking deal on the carpet. Thank you so much Linda and Robert!
Still to come...a new door, kitchen counter tops and we are thinking about sanding down and re-staining the cabinets. All materials of course will be scouted out at Habitat for Humanity. What a great find!

The Newest Dunkee...

Luke Patterson and my husband Shawn have been friends for about eight years. They met and worked together at 24 Hour Fitness, both as personal trainers. Luke was baptized on Saturday November 1. 2008, in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. When Shawn joined the church five years ago I remember him telling me that he was so excited to share the gospel and see his friends and family convert. So far, Luke is the first. (And, yes they are standing next to each other. Think...David and Goliath, only instead of a rock at his head, we just dunked him).

Evan's 1st Birthday!

Mowing down his Birthday Cake.
Most of you have heard by now that Evan severely burned his hands on a wood stove. So, as you can see they are wrapped up and protected by his winter gloves. I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to strip him down and give him a piece of cake to go to town on. But, my brave little man made the best of the situation. As I am sure you can imagine, the entire family cracked into hysterics when he used his birthday present to push his cake all around the living room. This game lasted until Grandpa realized that this could (OK, most likely) cause a big slimy chocolaty mess. Party Pooper!

My Favorite Pictures This Week!

Evalie and Tori...Best Friends Forever!
Beauty vrs. Beast, we know who won this wrestling match!
Evalie and Uncle Tanner during Family Home Evening. These guys are inseparable! For the duration of our family scripture time they were in their own little world, reading aloud to themselves. Of course, these scripture stories were of their own creation.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My KidLitts

I have such beautiful children and I am addicted to taking pictures. Can you blame me? So my camera card is full of adorable photos that I want to put on my blog and create a theme around, but that is SO much work and I'm crazy busy right now.'s a picture collage of some of my favorite days.

My Monkeys

Remember the phrase: "Take a picture, it will last longer." So True.

Cutest produce in town!

Future Mike Delfino? (Desperate Housewives!!)

Lovin' on the gramps.

Evalie and Grandma sewing her "pink puppy bone" pillow. This girl loves the fabric store.

"Thumbs up for my awesome mommy!"

"What can make me feel this way? My girl, talkin' bout my girl!"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Cozy Cabin

Our little cabin is located in Athol, Idaho and sits on five treed acres. Yes, friends we are moving back to Athol. Just when we thought we had escaped. I guess we are just destined to be "Athols". Sorry, I know its a bad joke. I couldn't resist. :-)

Shawn and I are having fun picking out carpeting, paint and lighting fixtures. Tomorrow we are going to stop by Habitat for Humanity and find an inexpensive dining room light chandelier. The large living/dining room is really cool. There is built in shelving. Two walls and the ceiling are rough blue pine. And, all the windows and door ways in the house are trimmed out in rough blue pine as well. In the open doorway you can see part of the kitchen/laundry room. Its small and missing a dishwasher. But, I'm optimistic and I have a plan. I will train my husband to wash, dry and put his dishes away right after using them! Is that even possible...or am I just dreaming? Shawn would tell you that it comes equipped with a "two-handed dish washer, called The Wife."

This is a log that shoots from floor to ceiling in the middle of the room. At first I thought: "OK, this is a decorative feature, but what the heck am I supposed to do about furniture placement?" After our second viewing, and pulling out my measuring tape I figured it out. Now I actually like the tree. It has three small shelves in between the V of the branches that I am going to place candles on.

I am so excited to recruit my husband to put up Christmas lights! Can you imagine how adorable this place will look surrounded by snow and decked out in blinking red and green lights?
Just for the record, this will be our third move in 2008! Crazy. Hopefully some day we will buy a home and put down some roots. Until that day comes, I am going to enjoy our rental adventures.